How to fix Paper Jam in Canon printers?

Posted on February 20, 2019Posted in fix Paper Jam issues in Canon printers?

This error could be frustrating for those who do not like playing with technical gadgets. In this type of error, a piece of paper is usually stuck inside the printer and jamming it from printing. In order to resolve this problem, a user might have to uplift some components of printer. There are possible instructions given by Canon Printer Support for such errors per specific printer models, but that could be a time taking process as well.

How to fix Paper Jam Issues in Canon printers

The following blog post has possible steps to eliminate paper jam error in Canon printers-

Before initiating any troubleshooting, we must cancel the print jobs stuck in que by hitting cancel button on the printer.

  1. Now turn off the printer and unplug the power cord from both ends
  2. Remove the installed papers from paper tray
  3. Open the paper output tray carefully
  4. Look for the jammed paper particle under the FINE cartridge holder-

If any paper particle found stuck under FINE cartridge holder, then move it to right or left edge and remove the paper. Make sure you hold the FINE cartridge holder properly and further slide it left or right.

  • If the paper is rolled up inside, then pull the jammed paper outside carefully by holding both the corners of it
  • After holding both the corners, pull it out slowly to prevent any paper tear
  • Ensure there is no more jammed paper inside the printer-

Take a battery and look for any torn piece of paper inside the printer and remove that without hurting any printer hardware.

  • Now close the paper output tray and load straight and wrinkle-free papers in it.


  • Install the ink cartridges back, if removed during the process
  • Now plug the power cord back in and turn the printer ON
  • Load the straight and recommended paper properly in paper tray
  • Consult with Canon Printer Customer Care, if yet getting paper jam error on the screen
  • Also, contact Canon Printer Service Center, if you cannot remove the jammed paper because doing it wrong may hurt your printer and lead to hardware damage.