Troubleshoot Canon Printer Error 5800

Posted on March 14, 2019Posted in Canon Printer Error 5800

Such errors in Canon printers could be frustrating and will ultimately effect on your work-flow. There are many ways to deal with Canon printer errors, but some could be availed at ease. The following post has an easy way to get rid of this type of errors, moreover you can also call Canon Printer Technical Support Number for online assistance from their experts.

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Some of the users are not into technical stuff and they refrain doing any such jobs. Some of us also get scared of doing anything such as technical diagnosis on these devices. For those who cannot get involved in doing technical troubleshooting on Canon printers, should speak with Canon Printer Customer Support and those who want to troubleshoot on their own, must try out:

Replace Waste Ink-Absorber

Replacing waste ink-absorber will make positive impact in such cases and will help us eliminate many such errors.

Apart from that, proceed with additional instructions:

  1. Press the “Power Button

While the printer is OFF and connected to the main power supply board. Press Power Button while holding the Stop/Reset button on it

  • Press “Stop/Reset Button”

When your Canon printer is ON, press the “Stop/Reset” button twice, while pressing and holding the power button

  • Move into Service Mode

While preforming above steps your printer will go into Service Mode

  • Press “Stop/Reset” Button

When the power light is Green, press the Stop/Reset button twice

(Each time pressing Stop/Reset Button will lid the LED light in orange and green, starting with orange)

Note: Make sure to press the button 4 times to reset waste ink counter.

The number of the Reset button pressing LED function remarks:

  • 0 time Green Power off
  • 1 time Orange Service pattern print
  • 2 times Green EEPROM print
  • 3 times Orange EEPROM reset
  • 4 times Green Waste ink counter reset
  • Turn off the printer.

(It must be turn off) then turn it on again. Now check the Canon Printer Error Code 5800 is resolved. If not, then go to next solution. For additional help speak with Canon Printer Customer Care team

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