Why my Canon printer stopped working after Windows updates?

Posted on December 28, 2018January 4, 2019Posted in Why my Canon printer stopped working after Windows updates

Some computer Windows updates may possibly disrupt your Canon printer’s configuration and compatibility. This may sound surprising, but possible to happen yet. There are simple troubleshooting steps available for such type of issue that could be followed by any non-technical user to eliminate the error.Moreover, we must know that Canon software development teams also keep releasing the essential updates that help their device to run smooth.

Users who cannot handle such situations, need to talk to Canon Printer Customer Support and let them take over the problem on their own. The following post contains simple instructions that may help you eliminate specific error in minutes.

Canon Printer Support Helpline Number

Perform quick significant checks:

  • Check network connectivity status by opening a website on your computer or other device before running any diagnosis
  • Make sure that Wi-Fi button is enabled on your Canon printer, if not then activate wireless printing on your printer and proceed
  • Look for available updates on your computer for Canon printer driver and software
  • Clear up computer junk, temporary files and updates Windows OS, if available
  • Temporary disable your computer security application including firewall and testify the printer status
  • Perform a quick reboot on your computer and printer, then try printing a test page

How to resolve it?

  • Before initiating any diagnosis on your computer, must save copy or current backup for whole computer system
  • Unplug power wire from both ends and leave Canon printer OFF for some time
  • Now open Control Panel – Programs – find Canon applications and remove them all one by one
  • Perform a quick reboot on your computer as well as Internet router or modem
  • Download latest Canon printer drivers from the official website- https://www.usa.canon.com/internet/portal/us/home/support?tab=drivers
  • Proceed with further instructions recommended on the computer
  • Plug in the power cord and turn the printer ON for final configuration of Canon printer on computer
  • On successful configuration of Canon Printer on computer, print a test page

For more help and consultation, please contact Canon Printer Support Helpline Number and speak to the online experts for faster help. There can be some additional issue that could be severe for a regular computer user to tackle.